Posted on Jan 10, 2018

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A 'Good Fit'

What does a 'good fit' mean for your business when you think of your people?
A good guide is to look at two things - Character and Capacity.
The Character of a person who is a 'good fit' for your business is one where they're compatible with your own values and focus. For example, if integrity and professionalism are important to you then someone who is content with being dishonest and complacent is obviously not a good fit. Additionally, if your focus is on providing quality service, then someone who is only interested in doing the bare minimum is not going to be a good fit.
The Capacity of a person who is a 'good fit' is one where they're able to meet the demands of the role as you know it. Their capacity is compatible with your current and future expectations, which means that you can see they have the capacity to fulfil and grow into the role, possibly even as the role may develop further into the future.
As you're seeking people who are a 'good fit' for your business, make sure that the objective scrutiny of Character and Capacity are key drivers behind the Interview process, the Probationary Review process, and throughout the employ of your people. When done effectively and respectfully, this scrutiny has no negative emphasis and is instead viewed in a positive and constructive light with people coming away feeling valued and encouraged.
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